Project 1: Set Fire Risk Limit

Bushfires are a very real danger in Australia, so the sooner we know about them the better. What can we do to detect bushfires?

Project 2: Radiation Counter

When we are in an environment with radiation, we want to make sure the level of the radiation is in the safe range. What can we do to determine the radiation level?

Project 3: Wind Power

As we use more and more energy, we need to find renewable resources. How can we use wind power to generate electricity?

Project 4: Fluid Level Sensor

Most, if not all people, have a rainwater tank. It can be an issue if it runs out unexpectedly. How can we measure how much water is left, and alert the user when it's almost empty?

Project 5: Vending Machine

How does a vending machine work? How can we use runlinc to create a vending machine. How can we use runlinc to display more then a normal LCD. than one source of information at once?

Project 6: Combination Lock

It is important that we keep our posessions safe. One way of doing this is by using a safe with a combination lock. How might we be able to do this with electronics?